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Biomimicry - copying nature

See <a href="http://psipunk.com/orpella-tino-cement-mixer-by-amos-boaz/#more-4921" target="_blank">more pictures</a> of this cement truck that mimics a wasp The Future Makers: Biomimicry Watch video now The Future Makers: Biomimicry Solar Sailor Watch video now

After noticing that trees branch out in a very specific pattern, a 13 year-old boy from the United States, decided to see if this was for a reason.

He discovered it was a VERY efficient way to harness the sun's energy and by copying nature he has made a very impressive discovery. Andrew Michler tells the story in this article.

This is what happens with scientists and researchers too.

They have to think about the problem they are tackling, think creatively, come up with a possible solution and work very patiently while they test their idea to see if it works.

And sometimes scientists collaborate - they work together to build up their ideas - piggybacking on each other's creativity, until they find a solution.

They also take inspiration from nature. Watch the videos to the right, from the documentary The Future Makers. They are all about the amazing ways scientists are developing new efficient and sustainable energy inventions by taking inspirations from nature.

This is where they copy or mimic something that works beautifully in nature and apply the same principles to man-made technology, like this self-loading cement mixer inspired by the mud dauber wasp.

If you like the idea of copying nature, ask your teacher about getting the full length fillm by contacting us as info@greencrossaustralia.org.

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The competition

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