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Pee-ple power

Is energy going down the toilet? The Can (image by Lana Birbrair)

Next time you need a toilet break think about the energy you might be flushing away.

Researchers in England say they have developed a fuel cell that uses urine to generate electricity.

This could be a really valuable and renewable source of energy for people who live in remote areas or in countries that don't have a widespread power grid system to distribute electricity.

Schools and office blocks would have a steady supply of energy!

Householders in the UK started using the gas produced from raw sewage last October, according to British media. The process takes 20 days from the toilet flushing to the gas being piped back to homes.

In further developments, scientists have developed a toilet that not only produces energy, but water and fertiliser as well!

By separating toilet waste - much like you sort out your recycling - this new toilet is completely self-sufficient, needing no electricity or plumbing to operate.

Considering that about 2.6 billion people around the world don't have access to a sanitary toilet, this amazing invention has far reaching implications for sustainable design and population health.

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