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Power walking

Pavegen at Bestival 2011, generating electricity from dance moves Watch video now Pavegen2 Watch video now Energy from stepping

New tiles can collect the energy from pedestrians walking down the street. Imagine how much energy you could harvest from the tuckshop at your school!

This is energy is called kinetic energy.

These tiles will be used in London at the 2012 Olympic site where people will walk from the Olympic stadium to the Westfield shopping centre.

Watch the videos to see Pavegen in action at a dance festival and in a busy school corridor. Where else could energy collecting tiles or surfaces be employed... on your shoes? Could a crowd dancing at a concert create enough energy to power the lights and guitar amps used on stage??

The Competition
The competition

We asked Australian students to make a video or convince us in writing about their BIG ideas for a sustainable energy future.

Check out the fantastic videos we received, all about sustainable energy solutions!

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Explore the fascinating science edging us closer to low carbon living. This fun, flexible project includes easy-to-use ICT, oodles of resources and FREE lesson plans from CSIRO Education.

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