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Recycling makes sense!

So many bottles! Watch this Australian initiative to create a city-wide composting system Watch video now

When we throw things away - food, old clothes, toys, plastic packaging - we are throwing away the energy that was used to make those things.

And where do they end up - in the rubbish dump, otherwise known as landfill.

If it is possible to cut down this waste by reusing or recycling items we are getting more mileage out of the energy invested in the item.

Now that's SAVING energy!

Cutting down on waste is cutting down on energy use - less energy is less electricity, which means less greenhouse gases and less stress on the planet.

Did you know polystyrene used in packaging can be recycled to make coat hangers, photo frames and lots more?

Recycling one glass bottle is enough to power a ligh bulb for four hours.

In England, dirty baby nappies are being recycled to make roof tiles!

There's no need to trash the planet if we use our imaginations.

Make changes to how you live - these actions all add up and help. You can find plenty of hands on ideas here.

Dr Grayson Heffner from the International Energy Agency in Paris believes the world can cut its carbon footprint by over 50 per cent through energy saving measures which will also save us money.

For more information about energy use, have a look at these sites:

Living Greener (Australian government)

Energy Saving Scheme (NSW)

Save Energy (Victoria)

Climate Smart (Queensland)

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Sustainability tips and resources (NT)

The Competition
The competition

We asked Australian students to make a video or convince us in writing about their BIG ideas for a sustainable energy future.

Check out the fantastic videos we received, all about sustainable energy solutions!

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Explore the fascinating science edging us closer to low carbon living. This fun, flexible project includes easy-to-use ICT, oodles of resources and FREE lesson plans from CSIRO Education.

Links to Australian curriculum, plus NAPLAN rehearsal.

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