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Take 3: Plastic in the Pacific

One of the great photos on Tim's website

Have you heard about the new island in the north Pacific ocean?

It is a floating island, and it is made of plastic rubbish that is brought together where two ocean currents meet - a place called the Gyre.

You can see the impact 7 million tonnes of rubbish is having on wildlife in the photos taken by photographer Chris Jordon.

It is rather disgusting and embarrassing because it is the result of our bad habits.

Tim Silverwood is an Australian who is trying to slow down the growth of this plastic island, dubbed the Great Garbage Patch. No-one thinks there is much hope of completely cleaning it up.

Tim is a surfer, environmentalist and a film maker.

You can learn more about his campaign, which encourages beach-loving Aussies to take three pieces of rubbish with them, when they leave the beach.

You can hear a radio interview with Tim here and read more about his campaign at his website.

If Tim and his 'Take 3' message inspires you, think about how you could use this in your video or persuasive writing.

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