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The Amazing Blood Lamp

Blood LampThe Blood Lamp contains chemicals that need human blood to set off a reaction that creates a blue glow - this is the same chemical reaction that is used by forensic scientists when they are looking for blood at crime scenes. Cool idea, hey?

Mike Thompson invented the Blood Lamp and he worked with another amazingly creative guy Gionata Gatto to create these awesome glass lanterns that don't need to plug into any energy source or battery!

The special glass simply absorbs light and then re-emits it. Thirty minutes of light from a light bulb 'charges up' the lanterns for up to 8 hours.

This process is called photoluminesense - energy is absorbed by the pigments in the glass and gradually release.

Congratulations Mike and Gionata for taking a fresh approach to existing materials to make a beautiful object that makes the most of energy!

The Competition
The competition

We asked Australian students to make a video or convince us in writing about their BIG ideas for a sustainable energy future.

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