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Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing

Preparing your students for the NAPLAN writing task?

Why not use the Future Sparks website to explore exciting subject matter with plenty of issues and ideas to research?

Using the site, your students can explore the issues, write their own arguments and then the ultimate cherry on the top - win great prizes!

Kids can win cash prizes for persuasive writing, and if they are feeling really adverturous, film themselves saying their piece to camera to win even bigger prizes!

The Competition
The competition

We asked Australian students to make a video or convince us in writing about their BIG ideas for a sustainable energy future.

Check out the fantastic videos we received, all about sustainable energy solutions!

For teachers

Explore the fascinating science edging us closer to low carbon living. This fun, flexible project includes easy-to-use ICT, oodles of resources and FREE lesson plans from CSIRO Education.

Links to Australian curriculum, plus NAPLAN rehearsal.

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