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Our changing climate

The Earth's climate has changed dramatically since the beginning of time, but evidence now shows that human activity is creating a sharp increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Scientists agree this causes the temperatures on Earth to rise, which influences the climate - more extreme weather events, more often.

In some areas, the sea level will rise - and this is very worrying for people who live on small islands, particularly our Pacific Island neighbours.

There are now 7 Billion people on Earth - more than any other time in history - and this number is expected to continue to rise, putting further strain on the planet's resources and adding greatly to climate change.

Animals will have to seek out climates to suits them - this will be a problem for alpine species in Australia!

Diseases will spread to new areas where the changed conditions will now suit microorganisms that can cause them.

So the change in climate will bring widespread change to our way of life and environment.

Take a look at this really cool video made by some otherstudents to explain climate change.  It is a perfect example of a Future Spark video - make sure you keep yours under 3 minutes for this competition.

Polar bears
Fighting carbon with fire Watch video now

Learning from the past

Technology is helping us to improve our energy efficiency, but there are still things we can learn from nature and from indigenous Australians about 'locking up' carbon.

Scientist and Aboriginal people are working together using fire and traditional knowledge to help manage the country and limit the amount of greenhouse gases that are created when bushfires strike.

Check out the video.

David Miavana: dealing with the impact of rising sea level in the Solomon Islands Watch video now

Rising sea levels threaten homes in the Solomon Islands

People around the world are already confronted with the effects of climate change.

David Miavana lives on Supizae Island in the Solomon Islands and he is seeing first hand the impact of climate change. As the sea level rises, his home, gardens and lively hood are being engulfed by water from the sea.

What would you do if your home is being threatened by sea water?

Watch the video to hear David Miavana's story and see for yourself the impact of rising sea levels.

The Competition
The competition

We asked Australian students to make a video or convince us in writing about their BIG ideas for a sustainable energy future.

Check out the fantastic videos we received, all about sustainable energy solutions!

Future technology

Sources of energy are only limited by our imagination.

How can we capture and make the most out of the energy we create?

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