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Wow! Space reflectors to protect the planet- that's a big idea…

Geoengineering, sometime called climate engineering, is the deliberate action to change the environment of the whole planet with a large-scale project.

Such projects might include the blasting of chemicals into the atmosphere to help reflect heat away from the planet to help combat global warming.  This might help but we could be saying goodbye to our blue skies…

This happens naturally when volcanoes erupt and the ash in the atmosphere provides a bit of shade…

Some geo-engineering ideas

Mega algae sponge?

It could also be the dumping of fertilisers into the oceans to grow massive phytoplankton blooms to help soak up the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere...

These blooms can grow very quickly, but what would happen to the marine life?

Balloon solution

And this idea involves a balloon and a very long hose, but could it be the answer to climate change?

What do you think?

Would everyone in the world have to agree before we could go down one of these paths?

How would you present the facts to countries that weren't so sure?

Sir David Attenborough, has reservations about geoengineering as a response to climate change.

Engineering the climate is the last and scariest option, says US scientist.

But there might still be some good ideas yet to come from fans of geoengineering like these fake trees, that can suck up CO2

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The competition

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